Pinky Bhatt is born and brought up in India but nowadays residing in Australia.

She is Limca Book record holder. She has created the longest painting "collage of celebrated women" -some 130 feet - in which she has depicted the 'woman condition'.

It has images of women showing their hopes,struggles, achievements and problems. 
Pinky Bhatt appears to be a born artist. She has had no formal education, no guru. How did she do it? First, by seeing and observing, and then drawing out her own creative powers from within. It is remarkable that she picked up the art language herself and worked on it for well over a decade.
Her concerns are mainly centered on women. Most of the paintings have bright colours. Pinky’s women are not sad or morose. They appear to take on life in their stride, look upon it with equanimity. A positive, optimistic attitude emanates from the paintings.That is one of the attractions of the artist’s creations. In quite a few paintings, she shows the whole by painting only a part. 

In all the paintings, we see movement. The women have no time to dream, sit around. They are on the move doing things. They are not mere decorations; they have purposeful, meaningful aims. None displays her charms; there is no eroticism – but only a robust, feminine Presence. The exhibition of painting is aptly titled “Stree Shakti”. We see ample evidence of it in the paintings.

By Arkay, Afternoon times, Bombay

Pinky Bhatt, whose first exhibition was a marvelous record of achievement by women from all walks of life, has now evolved a new series of paintings of rural women, those portray the inner strength, the beauty of life of simple villagers. Pinky has a fine depth of understanding, expresses her vision in excellent portraiture and shows her maturity as an artist of high caliber.

Pinky Bhatt is a renowned artist, who has carved her own way in the field of art. She figures in Limca Books of records for her collage painting approx130 ft long- on the theme of Women Empowerment called “Stree Shakti”-depicting achievements by women from all walks of life. She is also the third prize winner of Asian Inspiration Award 2009, awarded in Rome Italy. She had done twenty shows places like Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Sydney, London, Rome, and Paris.

It is also said that an artist’s works are influenced by the place where they live. Pinky Bhatt is born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat state, India- hence we can see rural women from Gujarat in her paintings. She lived in Australia since 2007. Some of her paintings are on aboriginal people. She want to give a floral tribute in form of paintings to the aboriginal people, “The First Australians”.


Pinky Bhatt has made her own style. There is no showiness in her work, nor does she try to impress others. Her figure drawings are very powerful. Her work make us experience strong imaginary feelings. The control of colours is very amazing, which really convince us that she is a mature creative Artist.     


  • Address
    4,Vasupujya Bungalows, Opp. Fun Republic,
    Ramdev Nagar Satellite Road, Ahmedabad-380015.
    Phone: 0091-79-26860462,26741888,26463542
    (M)98254 70992,98250 60747
    Web: and

  • Australia Address
    14/89 Bland Street Ashfield NSW2131
    ph:80416585 m:0402730474

  • Education:, Self taught in field of Art.

  • Solo Exhibition :
    1999 - The Prima Collection, Ahmedabad
    2001 - Hatheesing Center, Ahmedabad
    2002 - Hatheesing Center, Ahmedabad
    2003 - Artist Center, Bombay
    2004 - Deva-Oriente-Arte-Tendenze, Rome
    2005 - The Air Gallery, London
    2006 - The Art Chamber, Goa-Group Show
    2006 - Contemporary Art Gallery, Ahmedabad
    2006 - Jahangir Art Gallery, Mumbai( Group Show)
    2007 - The archetype gallery,Sydney, Australia
    2007 - Downing center, Sydney, Australia
    2009 - Artist@Asfield,Sydney, Australia-(Group Show)
    2010 - Concord Library,Sydney, Australia
    2010 - Art space galleries, Paris
    2010 - Deva-Oriente-Arte-Tendenze, Rome,Italy
    2010 - Artrom Gallery,Rome,Italy-(Group show)
    2011 - Hutheesing Visual Art centre,CEPT,Ahmedabad
    2011 - Museum art Gallery Mumbai
    2012 - India Art Festival Mumbai-(Group show)
    2013 - The archetype gallery,Sydney, Australia
    2014 - De Art Event Dubai (Group Show)
    2014 - Jahangir Art Gallery(Group Show)
    2015 - Tap Gallery Sydney
    2016 - The Gallery Gufa Ahmedabad
    2016 - India Art Festival Mumbai
    2016 - India Art Festival Delhi 

  • Collection:
    Ahmedabad, Bombay, Singapore, Italy, Spain, London.

  • Participation:
    Gujarat lalit kala academy-2006
    Artist sports painting event.
    Gujarat Visual Artist Association- 2001-2005
    Monsoon Show.
    Bajaj Art Gallery 2005

  • Member:
    Gujarat Visual Artists Association.
    Bombay Art Society.
    Artist Centre gallery Bombay.

  • Achievements:
    • 130-ft.long painting “Stree Shakti” which highlights women empowerment. This painting was entered in Limca Books of Records in year 2003 under the title “Collage of celebrated Women” under painting section of the Art Chapter.
    • Third Price winner of Asian Inspiration 2009 at Artrom gallery, Rome, Italy

  • Awards:
    National Population Education Project of NCERT, Delhi

  • Working with:
    R. Nanalal Decorator as a Mandap Designer